How to Get Rid of Freckles?

Before Knowing How to Get Rid of Freckles, We Need to Understand

  1. What Are Freckles?
  2. How Do They Appear?
  3. How to Prevent Them from Appearing on the Skin?
  4. What Should Be Done to Get Rid of Them?

What Are Freckles?


Freckles Are Dark Spots on Your Skin That Looks Just Like the Acne Spots but They Are Not the Same, Freckles Can Be Light Brown, Dark Brown or Black in Color. They Are Primarily Caused Due to Melanin Production by Your Skin. Melanin Is a Pigment Within the Skin That Gives Color to Your Skin. More the Presence of Melanin in Your Skin Results in Darker Skin and Vice Versa.

There Are Three Types of Melanin

  • Eumelanin
  • Pheomelanin
  • Neuromelanin

Coming Back to the Freckles They Can Be as Stubborn as Possible Freckles Are Mostly Seen on the Face, but They Can Also Appear on Arms, Shoulder, Back and Chest.

How Do Freckles Appear on Your Skin?

There Are Different Causes of Freckles Such as Overexposure to Sunlight Genetics and Hormonal Imbalance. Among These Overexposure to Sunlight Is the Most Common Cause Even If You Are Applying Sunscreen, They Can Still Appear on Your Skin as It Depends on the Sensitivity of Your Skin the More the Sensitive Your Skin Is to UV Rays the More Freckles You Have. Skin Produces Melanin as a Natural Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin from Harmful UV Radiation. However If Its a Genetic Problem You Will Have Them Even If You Are Not Exposing Your Skin to Direct Sunlight


People Whose Skin Produces Pheomelanin Have Less Tolerance to UV Radiation They Generally Have Following Characteristics

  • Light Colored or Blonde Hair
  • Light Skin
  • Freckles
  • Skin That Doesn’t Get Tanned


People Whose Skin Produces Eumelanin Have More Tolerance to UV Radiation they Generally Have the Following Characteristics

  • Dark or Black Colored Hair
  • Darker Skin Tone
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Skin That Gets Easily Tanned

How to Get Rid of Freckles?

how to get rid of freckles

There Are Different Ways of Getting Rid of Freckles One Is Natural and Another One Is the Chemical Cosmetics. the Natural Way Takes a Long Time to Show Little Progress in Reduction of Freckles Unlike the Chemical Cosmetics Which Works Faster on Freckles and Prevents Them from Reappearing. the Key to Get Rid of Freckles Is Not Letting Them Reappear. Some People Bleach Their Skin to Get Rid of Freckles, Which Is Wrong. Bleaching Your Skin Doesn’t Make Your Skin Healthy from Inside It Makes Your Spots Lighter from Outside and Doesn’t Work on Making Your Skin Healthy Within.

Natural Way

1. Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Applying Lemon Juice to Your Face to Get Rid of Freckles Work Similar as Bleaching. Lemon Has Bleaching Properties, but This Is a Milder Alternative. to Bleach Take Two to Three Tablespoon of Lemon Juice and Apply on Your Skin Directly. Keep It for 10 Minutes, Wash with Cold Water. Doing This Daily Twice a Day Can Help Lighten Your Freckles and Also Blemishes on Your Skin. You Can Also Use Lemon Juice with Sugar and Use It as a Sugar Scrub, but This Method Works Externally on Your Skin and Doesn’t Work to Make It Healthy Within. It Takes a Lot of Time for Which You Have to Have a Lot of Patience.

2. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Application of Aloe Vera on Your Skin Can Also Help Reduce Freckles and Pigmentation. Because of Its Active Component Aelosin That Works on Freckles Blemishes and Pigmentation. Instead of Applying Aloe Vera Gel It Is Better to Use Aloe Vera Leaf from a Plant and Apply the Gel from the Leaf on Your Face, Massage It and Keep It for 10 Minutes, Wash Face with Cold Water. the Drawback of Aloe Vera Is That Aloe Vera Can Increase Your Facial Hairs

3. Almond Oil

almond oil

Almond Oil Is Rich in Vitamin a and Vitamin E. Which Makes Your Skin Healthy You Can Take Two to Three Drops of Almond Oil and Massage It on Your Skin and Keep It for an Hour and Then Wash with Lukewarm Water. Almond Oil Make Your Skin Healthy Glowing but It Takes a Long Time to Reduce Freckles for Which Again You Have to Have a Lot of Patience.

Chemical Cosmetics

1. Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling Is the Process of Application of Chemical on the Uppermost Layer of Your Skin Which Is Epidermis. in This Process Skin Gets Dry and Starts Peeling Off, at Initial Stages It Might Feel Like Stinging, Irritation, Redness, Swelling. During This Period Your Skin Is Very Delicate, and You Can’t Apply Any Other Cosmetic Rather Than What Is Prescribed by Your Dermatologist. Also, You Have to Avoid Exposure to the Sun Light and Heat. It Takes Up to Two Weeks for Your Skin to Heal After Chemical Peeling.

2. Cosmetic Creams

There Are Many Cosmetics Available in the Market Which Claims to Reduce Freckles. Not All Works in the Same Manner Because of Their Different Ingredients. You Can Also See a Dermatologist and Get a Prescribed Gel or Cream Depending on Your Skin Type and Apply to Get Rid of Freckles. Secondly You Can Also Have Laser Treatment from a Dermatologist to Reduce Your Freckles as Soon as Possible, but the Problem Here Is That They Are Expensive.

There Are Also Cheap Alternatives in the Market Which Works on Freckles

Have You Ever Wondered Why Asian Light Skinned People Don’t Have Freckles Even After Exposure to Sunlight It’s Because of Ingredients in Their Gels and Cream. You Can Get Some of the Best and Handpicked Products Here

Last but Not the Least

Prevention Is “Always Always” Better Than Cure. You Should Never Forget to Apply Sunscreen on Your Skin Before Stepping Out in the Sun. The SPF in Sunscreen Is the Sun Protection Factor That Means If Your Skin Gets Tanned in Sun in 10 Minutes and You Have Applied SPF 30 Sunscreen Then You Should Be Good for 300 Minutes in Sunlight. It Means Your Skin Will Get Affected by Sunlight in 300 Minutes Instead of 10 Minutes

Tanning Duration = 10 Min
Tanning Duration with SPF 30 = 10 Min * SPF 30 = 300 Minutes

Different Sunscreen Works Differently on Different People Depending on Their Skin Sensitivity. If Your Skin Is Sensitive, You Need Higher SPF Sunscreen. If Your Skin Gets Affected in Sun Within 5 Minutes, SPF 30 Will Work for You for Just 150 Minutes Instead of 300 Minutes Like in the First Example

Tanning Duration = 5 Min
Tanning Duration with SPF 30 = 5 Min * SPF 30 = 150 Minutes

So You Don’t Need to Get the Same SPF Sunscreen That Your Friend Has Got Instead Understand Your Skin Type and Buy a Sunscreen That Fits You the Best. More the SPF, Better Are the Results