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Anti Aging Freckles Goji Cream


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 HYALURONIC ACID is a skin conditioner that is naturally found in the corneal epithelium and can absorb 1000 times its own weight of water to hydrate deeply, strengthen skin’s protective barrier, and repair when the skin is damaged. After use we will not feel dry, efficiently lock water, making the skin soft and shiny, smooth, anti-wrinkle. HYALURONIC ACID is currently the best water-soluble moisturizer.



(Goji)CHINESE BLACK WOLFBERRY is used in beauty products and cosmetics because of its powerful antioxidant. It has an oxidized free radical absorption capacity of 25,000 (compared to 2,500 for blueberries) and it is also rich in calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin B and vitamin C. 1991, a study in China showed that phytochemicals in medlar can help prevent oxidation of DNA and restoration of damaged DNA.


Vitamin E
  Anti-aging, effectively reduce the generation of wrinkles, maintain a youthful appearance. Protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and pollution damage, reduce scarring and pigment deposition, accelerate wound healing.

It has a whitening effect on the skin and can be used to prevent skin spots and freckles, promote skin cell growth and help heal wounds, and provide care for the skin.


The smooth light cream is infused with Goji, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E

Multi-purpose dark spot corrector and age spot remover with skin whitening & brightening properties packed full of wholesome natural goodness to be used on your face, hands, body and has miraculous skin lightening effect.

EFFECTIVE – Highly Potent and effective in removing freckles cream with Skin Whitening properties. This is the Best Age Spot Remover in the market and recommended for use to help with age spots, dark spots, liver spots, and brown spots.


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